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Why Choose POPS Software to Monitor Employee Performance?

August 18, 2023

POPS is your go-to employee performance monitoring software that allows you to easily collect the key performance indicators that assist in tracking your employees’ ability to meet your company’s expectations. Here are ways you can use POPS to track employee performance:

Track punctuality: Know how many minutes and how many times each employee is late per week, month, and/or year.

Remain informed: POPS sends automated summary reports each week and month for your evaluation.

Automate deductions and additions based on performance: Customize automated deductions/additons related to lateness and/or other company policies. Automate payroll and receive daily transaction details.

Evaluate time spent on projects and activities: Track employees’ daily work by collecting the time spent on projects or activities such as meetings, client visits, and others and evaluate efficiency by comparing time spent per deliverable.

Gain insights on absences: Receive absence reports with details pertaining to the number of days off per week, month, and year.

Measure overtime and undertime: Get the overtime and/or undertime minutes per employee along with the related payment details.

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The Benefits of Using POPS

Gain Control: Data empowers you to act when needed. Provide accurate appraisals and warnings based on the collected metrics.

Be worry-free: No need to worry about buddy punching. We got you covered.

POPS offers facial recognition capabilities, IMEI restrictions which does not allow employee to check-in/out except from one mobile phone specific to each employee, and GPS restrictions with our geofence feature which does not allow the employee to check-in and out except from a specific location.

Nurture transparency: Hard work and lack thereof will not go unnoticed.

Increase Flexibility: Mobile-friendly employee attendance tracking allows employees to clock in and out from remote locations, such as job sites, making it easier for businesses with mobile workers to track attendance. Office workers may use a shared tablet instead of their personal mobile phones to clock-in and out. Admins also have their own admin application to supervise on the go.

Improve Accuracy: With mobile-friendly employee attendance tracking, employees can clock in and out from their mobile devices, ensuring that attendance records are accurate and up-to-date. This helps to avoid disputes and ensures that employees are paid correctly for the hours they have worked.

Increase Efficiency and Workforce Productivity: By eliminating manual processes and reducing the need for paper timecards, or old-fashioned biometric machines, mobile-friendly employee attendance tracking can significantly improve employees’ efficiency and workforce productivity.

POPS is offering a 30-day free trial. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and revolutionize the way your business monitors employee performance.

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